[Rubygems-developers] Wiki Spam

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Wed Sep 8 23:07:23 EDT 2004

>> C) Why doesn't anyone appear to listen to my suggestion for preventing
>> wiki spam?  (Which is: disallow edits containing more than N -- e.g. N
>>  = 2
>> -- external links.)

> It's a Perl wiki engine.  You wanna' modify it?  Didn't think so...

I've taken a look at the code.  It's not bad for Perl, and that's
irrelevant anyway.  An email to the author saying "I want to make this mod
to the code; can you help me?" is almost sure to yield a quick and correct
result.  But I'm not in charge of any UseMod instances, and haven't seen
any interest from those who are, so...

> I would suggest we eat our own dog food and make that better than the
> PerlFood we've been eating.

I dislike UseModWiki functionally and aesthetically, having been spoiled
by others (especially Instiki).  But we're more or less stuck with it for
now (and even when a better -- RuWiki? -- option becomes available, who
wants to try converting their data over?), so we might as well try to
improve it.  *Especially* such a simple conceptual solution to such a
persistent and disasterous problem.

Besides which, we should be grateful that UseMod has been a practical wiki
serving so many people, rather than spiteful.  Also, the implementation
language is completely irrelevant (to 99.99% of users).


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