[Rubygems-developers] 0.8.1 fresh install error?

Patrick May patrick at hexane.org
Sun Oct 31 00:33:04 EDT 2004


I think I found the fix.  I dug around on this line:

   specification.rb, line 474
     result << "  s.#{name} = #{ruby_code(current_value)}\n" unless 
current_value == default

You can either setup a default:

   specification.rb, line 189
     required_attribute :version, Version.create('0.0.0')

Or you can make version's compare nicely to nihilism:

   version.rb, line 122
     def <=>(other)
       return 1 unless other  # I figure something is always more than 

Either way, things worked for me.  Also, after fixing this bug I hit a 
different bug in the CVS rubygems.  The post-install script is having 
trouble finding rubygems.  The fix is easy:

   post-install.rb, line 60
     def install_sources
       $: << "lib"  # <= add this line
       require 'rubygems'



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