[Rubygems-developers] Gemini performance suggestion

leon breedt bitserf at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 22:29:17 EDT 2004


Gemini is impressive for the amount of features it supports for its
compactness :)

i noticed a bit of lag on filtering operations though, and i think it
might be because the entire model is rebuilt when filtering, which is
bound to be expensive.

i had a similar problem that i resolved by placing wrapping my real
model with a Gtk::TreeModelFilter model, and attaching the filter:

treemodelfilter.set_visible_func do |model, iter|

when changes occurred, i'd just call #refilter on the TreeModelFilter
instance to re-evaluate the set_visible_func block for all rows. this
gave me virtually real-time filtering, and is going to be
substantially faster than rebuilding the model, since all the heavy
lifting is being done in C for you by Gtk.

however, the TreeModelFilter binding only appeared in version 0.10.1
of Ruby-GNOME2 as i recall.

hope this is of use,

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