[Rubygems-developers] (forw) Re: Full RAA XML Dump?

Paul Duncan pabs at pablotron.org
Thu Oct 28 17:52:25 EDT 2004

Heads up.  I finally got a response from the RAA guy, and he says that
the 0.0.4 SOAP interface should be the current one.

I think it's a little bit flakey, and the missing packages that I was
seeing was just a fluke.

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Paul Duncan wrote:
| Hi, I was wondering if the old RAA XML dump is still available, or if
| there's an XML-RPC interface that's accessible.  Specifically, the links

Currently a SOAP interface is the only one that can retrieve RAA meta
information.  Samples in sample/{soap,wsdl}/raa2.4/* will help to use it.

WSDL is here: http://www.ruby-lang.org/xmlns/soap/interface/RAA/0.0.4/

| in the following Email don't work any more:
|   http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/20021209.html

That page should be updated.  I'll talk to admins.  Thank you for
letting us know it.

// NaHi
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