[Rubygems-developers] __FILE__ hacks -was: Re: [...] Adoption

chad at chadfowler.com chad at chadfowler.com
Fri Oct 22 10:52:20 EDT 2004

> Also, to follow up.  The directories were the thing that made sense
> about setup.rb.  The pre / post hook files, the config / setup /
> install process, those were less attractive.  I like gem's solutions
> for these things better.

Agreed on both counts (this and the previous message).  I'm not very
interested in "enforcement", but I like the idea of making things as easy
as possible for those who choose to do things in a defacto standard way
(like setup.rb).  As for the pre/post stuff, I think we have to give this
more thought before touching it, and probably implement something like
what Eivind proposed the week before RubyConf (a gradual, controlled
approach to adding user-contributed hooks).

I wish there were another 24 hours in the day ;)


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