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Patrick May patrick at hexane.org
Fri Oct 22 09:12:23 EDT 2004


On Friday, October 22, 2004, at 06:45  AM, Jim Weirich wrote:

> In David HH's RubyConf talk, he mentioned that Rails promotes 
> conformity by
> making the conforming "golden" path easy and the non-conforming paths
> difficult.  I see this suggestion, along with careful selection of 
> defaults
> in the gem spec as being part of the "golden path" strategy.  If you 
> use "gem
> initialize-directory" and a very minimal gemspec, you could have a 
> working
> gem project.
> I think providing documentation about this "golden path" is good too.  
> Make
> using a properly designed directory structure easy and a improper one
> inconvenient and most people will automatically follow your lead (for 
> those
> at RubyConf: think "Man Dancing, Man playing flute").

I think that setup.rb's directory layout:


would be a good place to start.

~ patrick

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