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Paul Duncan pabs at pablotron.org
Thu Oct 21 18:21:50 EDT 2004

* chad at chadfowler.com (chad at chadfowler.com) wrote:
> > * chad at chadfowler.com (chad at chadfowler.com) wrote:
> >> > That said, if RubyGems normalized the directory structures, numbering
> >> > schemes, etc of the upstream sources, it *could* become the input
> >> format
> >> > of choice for repackagers...
> >> >
> >>
> >> This is actually what I had in mind.  Especially finding places where
> >> people rely on, for example, __FILE__ hacks that make it hard for
> >> everyone.  I'm optimistic that a focused effort with enough feedback to
> >> the original developers could result in a behavioral shift in at least a
> >> decent number of them.  My guess is that in most cases, developers that
> >> release packages with this kind of problem do so because they didn't
> >> really consider them to be a problem (as opposed to having done these
> >> things intentionally).
> >
> > Speaking of normalizing things, how about the filenames? Can you
> > downcase! the project name when converting it to the gem file name?
> I don't see why not.  I've applied this and tested building.  I want to
> make sure we don't have any other areas where this would cause a problem
> before committing it.

The only place I see a name compare is in
lib/rubygems/remote_installer.rb on line 145, but that's already a
case-insensitive comparison.

That said, I haven't tested it extensively, so I don't know for sure.

> Thanks for the patch.

No problemo!

> Chad
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