[Rubygems-developers] Adoption

Marcel Molina Jr. marcel at vernix.org
Thu Oct 21 09:57:36 EDT 2004

On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 12:18:48PM +0200, Mauricio Fern?ndez wrote:
> > about this. I'd like to know what the list thinks of this and/or I'd like
> > to get an idea from list members of what they think the most gem-worthy
> > non-gemified libs are. I'm aiming to read up on the list archives in
> > the next few days to try to get up to steam with the current goings on
> > and get an idea of the projects trajectory. I wouldn't mind gemifying
> > a handful of libs a day for some time into the unforeseeable future. A
> > pretty long list could be gradually dispatched rather painlessly. Thanks
> > and glad to be here. Looking forward to it.
> Are you also willing to maintain those packages and provide some support
> for them (e.g. handle bug reports, release package revisions, etc)?
> In my experience (I have packaged over 130 libs/apps for RPA), just
> keeping the packages up-to-date can be quite some work at times...

I don't think it would be tenable after a certain point for me to handle
bug reports but I am willing to try to keep up with package revisions. I
imagine that keeping the packages up to date would be a substantial
commitment unto itself.

> If you want to see what people are asking for, as far as packages are
> concerned, you can take a look at
>  http://rpa-base.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?Package_Requests
> and the list of libs/apps I've packaged so far:
>  http://rpa-base.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?Packaged_Software
> (many were packaged on demand).

This seems to be a useful start. Thanks.

> It would be very nice if you could package Ruby DBI: that's something
> many other libraries depend on and it is used fairly often. It seems
> non-trivial, though.

I've added it to the list and will give it a shot. Thanks.

Marcel Molina Jr. <marcel at vernix.org>

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