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Mauricio Fernández batsman.geo at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 06:18:48 EDT 2004

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 10:54:54PM -0400, Marcel Molina Jr. wrote:
> Newcomer to the list here. A hello to everyone. Aside from being
> interested in rubygems in general, I'd like to start seeing a lot of
> existing libraries and applications turned into gems. I'm sort of thinking
> of it in terms of porting the RAA to Gems ;). I've spoken briefly to Chad

The RAA isn't that big really... there are many dead projects (404 and/or
broken codebases), unpackageable entries (web pages, etc), duplicate
entries, etc... OTOH many projects are not listed in RAA: for instance,
those on Rubyforge are often missing.

> about this. I'd like to know what the list thinks of this and/or I'd like
> to get an idea from list members of what they think the most gem-worthy
> non-gemified libs are. I'm aiming to read up on the list archives in
> the next few days to try to get up to steam with the current goings on
> and get an idea of the projects trajectory. I wouldn't mind gemifying
> a handful of libs a day for some time into the unforeseeable future. A
> pretty long list could be gradually dispatched rather painlessly. Thanks
> and glad to be here. Looking forward to it.

Are you also willing to maintain those packages and provide some support
for them (e.g. handle bug reports, release package revisions, etc)?
In my experience (I have packaged over 130 libs/apps for RPA), just
keeping the packages up-to-date can be quite some work at times...

If you want to see what people are asking for, as far as packages are
concerned, you can take a look at
and the list of libs/apps I've packaged so far:
(many were packaged on demand).

It would be very nice if you could package Ruby DBI: that's something
many other libraries depend on and it is used fairly often. It seems
non-trivial, though.

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