[Rubygems-developers] Updating source index is slow

Richard Kilmer rich at infoether.com
Wed Nov 10 10:44:47 EST 2004

On 11/10/04 10:32 AM, "Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng" <hgs at dmu.ac.uk> wrote:

>> It uses zlib.
> and its inflate method, which refers to compressed files, without
> specifying gzip, and it doesn't use GZipReader, suggesting it isn't
> gzip.  There is abiguity here, though: "compressed" in the zlib docs
> could mean any data compression scheme and it could mean Unix
> compress.  Inflate/deflate is a compression type reported by PKZIP
> (I think) and InfoZIP,  Extensions of .Z mean unix compress, ZIP and
> Gzip use .ZIP and .gz, respectively.


> Are you telling me that it is definitely using GZIP now? If so, why
> isn't the file yaml.gz rather than yaml.Z?

Because I am a goof.

>          Hugh

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