[Rubygems-developers] Hey guys...

Ryan Leavengood mrcode1234 at yahoo.com
Tue May 4 15:07:56 EDT 2004

I'm Back!  Well, sort of.

Some of you may remember me, some may have never heard of me.  For the latter
folks, a brief introduction: I wrote the "original" RubyGems prototype and made
a presentation on it back at RubyConf 2001.

This morning Chad Fowler emailed me asking about removing the old rubygems
package from the RAA, since it was being confused with the "new" RubyGems.  Of
course this was something I'm fine with since that package is rather cobwebbed
and dusty, but this whole thing was definitely a surprise since I had no idea
that RubyGems had been revived.  As you can guess I have not been keeping up
with the Ruby world as of late (and none of you emailed me until now, you
scoundrels! ;)

I intend to spend a little time getting to know the RubyGems you guys have
created, and then I might be able to offer some good input as I spent quite
some time thinking about these topics back when I was actively developing the
first RubyGems.  So far I like what I see though, and it is interesting to see
the different way you have implemented the various features of the system.

I do have one slightly negative comment to make though: where were all you guys
two years ago?  One of the main reasons I stopped working on this was a feeling
of being overwhelmed by the work I had to do, and so I just procrastinated
until I completely lost interest.  I'm sure that happens a lot in open source
projects, but it really is too bad it took two years for this concept to be
revived and brought back into fruition, because it really is a great idea.  Of
course, better late than never.

I probably won't have time to contribute any code to this project, but if you
guys have any questions about some of my original ideas or why I did something
a certain way in the prototype, feel free to ask.


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