[Rubygems-developers] ChangeLog

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Tue May 4 07:43:49 EDT 2004

I noticed with pleasure the introduction of a ChangeLog with the
latest release.  Obviously this was automatically generated.  Shall we
keep it up to date ourselves in the future?  I vote yes; it's nice to
have one place to see what's been going on.

As an aside, this is my procedure for committing to Ruby itself, and
other projects that use a ChangeLog:

 1. Make the changes.

 2. Write a ChangeLog entry.

 3. 'head ChangeLog'.

 4. Copy and paste the entry (not including date) and use that as the
    commit log for all the changes, including ChangeLog.

That way, the scope of the changes can be seen in the ChangeLog itself
as well as in the CVS logs.

What say you?


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