[Rubygems-developers] Another plug for Simon's patch

David A. Black dblack at wobblini.net
Wed Mar 31 17:45:58 EST 2004

Hi --

On 1 Apr 2004, Simon Strandgaard wrote:

> Usualy programs have different API for each major version.
> Having '> 1.0.3' may also imply that a version '2.9.9' is ok, which it
> probably isn't.
> I guess its better to let the major ('1.x.x') field be strict to the
> specified version.

Jim's idea of 1.* allows for freezing a particular major version,
while not changing the meaning of ">".  I think that's better, as it
allows for more scenarios (rather than deciding in advance that
compatible major versions will not be considered possible).


David A. Black
dblack at wobblini.net

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