[Rubygems-developers] Initial capability to build native (source) gems

Richard Kilmer rich at infoether.com
Tue Mar 30 09:20:27 EST 2004

No.  The .gem contains the sources to be built.  You install the sources
and it builds them on your machine.  In my example I grab the ext and 
lib directories from my project:

   s.files = Dir.glob("{lib,ext}/**/*").delete_if {|item| 

I then set the 'lib' dir as a target to be placed in the LOAD_PATH

   s.require_path = 'lib'

Then specify the path to (one or more) extconf.rb files:

   s.extensions << 'ext/raptor/extconf.rb'

Upon install, it executes the extconf.rb files, and if they succeed in 
a Makefile, then make/make install (which installs in 
require_path[0]...i.e. lib)


On Mar 30, 2004, at 9:06 AM, Mauricio Fernández wrote:

> Does this mean that the preferred means of distribution is no longer
> the gem (since it is platform dependent) but the upstream sources +
> the gemspec (at least for things that require compilation)?

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