[Rubygems-developers] Version number format

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Tue Mar 30 03:15:09 EST 2004

Jamis Buck said:
> Thus, it would be nice to have a "snapshot" version--I could have a
> script run everytime I check something into CVS, which would essentially
> create a gem file for the current state of the sources. I could put this
> up on my site, and the version number would never change, but some other
> indicator would show that it is a snapshot.

Here's an idea ... append the date of the snapshot to the version ... e.g.


That dates the snapshot so you can have multiple snapshots.  Even better,
later snapshots have a version number greater than older snapshots so
version comparisions still make sense.  If you make several snapshots a
day, append the time as well.

This nice thing about this the funky version makes it plain this is not a
normal release.

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