[Rubygems-developers] Network traffic conservation strategies

Richard Kilmer rich at infoether.com
Sun Mar 28 20:32:45 EST 2004

On Mar 28, 2004, at 9:42 AM, Gavin Sinclair wrote:

> Compressed streams would definitely be a great start.  Using squid
> would be excellent as well, although it could be a little tricky.
> I have no idea about either of them :)

$ curl http://gems.rubyforge.org/yaml > yaml
$ irb
irb > require 'zlib'
irb > File.read('yaml').size
=> 49078
irb > Zlib::Deflate.deflate(File.read("yaml"), 9).size
=> 8964

So, we get an 82% size savings by having the yaml file compressed on 

We could still have both, perhaps:

http://gems.rubyforge.org/yaml (49078)
http://gems.rubyforge.org/yaml.bin (8964)

That would be simple to generate, and definitely save on bandwidth.


- rich

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