[Rubygems-developers] Options directory not Initialized

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Mon Mar 22 13:24:07 EST 2004

Jim Weirich wrote:

> The latest version of the gem command in CVS did not properly set the 
> install directory option, causing gems to be installed in my root 
> directory.  Obviously not a "good thing".  I've applied a patch to 
> initialize the directory.
> There also seems to be a problem with the values returned from the 
> install procedures.  Part of the code expects a list of gem specs 
> returned, but the install procedures themselves seem to return only a 
> single gem.  This screws up the RDOC generating loop which expects the 
> list.  I didn't fix this, because I was unsure of the intent return 
> value (list or single spec).
I get quite confused by some of those return values that get passed 
around.  A parameter named 'gems' usually turns out to be an array of 
gem names and gem specifications intermingled.  It's something I'll look 
into improving at some stage.

In the nearer future, I'll definitely try to fix that problem you've 


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