[Rubygems-developers] Code coverage of unit tests

Simon Strandgaard neoneye at adslhome.dk
Sun Mar 21 16:44:54 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 15:14, Mauricio Fernández wrote:
[snip diff]
> +
> +# module COVERAGE__ originally (c) NAKAMURA Hiroshi, under Ruby's license
> +# module PrettyCoverage originally (c) Simon Strandgaard, believed to be under
> +#                                      Ruby's license
> +# minor modifications by Mauricio Julio Fernández Pradier

Yes 'coverage' is under ruby license ;-)

It was just an experiment of aeditor.. (I didn't thought it was useful
yet). Its awesome to see changes to it, you have done some good

Maybe I should make a gem package out of it? 

Its current homepage is a cvs-repository.

Simon Strandgaard
I wish I could spawn some more instances of me.

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