[Rubygems-developers] Quick Introduction to RubyGems

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Sun Mar 21 09:01:31 EST 2004

On Mar 21, 2004, at 6:56 AM, Simon Strandgaard wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 00:46, Gavin Sinclair wrote:
>> Please check out
>>   http://rubygems.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl?Quick_Introduction
>> and give me some feedback in terms of correctness, clarity, etc.  I'd
>> like this to be used to give people a gentle and interesting
>> introduction so they understand the scope of RubyGems quickly.  Also,
>> they will understand how solid it is, despite its first-release
>> status.
> It would be nice to see an overview of features which isn't covered in
> this document (sidebyside with those which is covered).
> The 'important features' section seems superflouish.
> The 'installing rubygems' section doesn't mention that having the right
> permissions is needed.

Good point.  We also need better error messages here (and in general).

> Perhaps describe what happens if require_gem fails to find the module,
> and then grab the needed package?  Something like the following
> server> ruby a.rb
> /home/neoneye/stow/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:25:in
> `require_gem':  (LoadError)
> Could not find RubyGem progressbar
>         from a.rb:2
> server> gem --remote-install progressbar
> /home/neoneye/stow/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/ 
> specification.rb:102: warning: instance variable @has_rdoc not  
> initialized
> Successfully installed progressbar version 0.0.3
> server> ruby a.rb
> progr: 100% |oooooooooooooooo      | ETA:  00:00:03
> BTW: does rubygems aims to be greaterthan/equal/lessthan cpan?
> does they compare?

There is obvious overlap, but I personally don't think of CPAN as a  
model for what we're trying to do.  Of course, there's no denying the  
fact that we're trying to finally put the "but Ruby doesn't have a  
CPAN" complaint to rest, but we're probably more heavily influenced by  
apt than CPAN.  It's probably a good idea to take a tour through CPAN,  
SqueakMap, etc. in the near future and look for additional features  
that would be nice.

We're also not creating RAA with RubyGems.  CPAN is like RubyGems + RAA  
as per my understanding.  Hopefully RubyGems will provide a rich  
platform on which to build some better RAA features, but I don't think  
actually creating the RAA website is in scope (nor should tight  
coupling with the RAA be in scope).


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