[Rubygems-developers] Directory structure suggestion

Jamis Buck jgb3 at email.byu.edu
Thu Mar 18 06:08:09 EST 2004

Chad Fowler wrote:

> I don't think it would be too hard to do this, and since we're in alpha 
> mode, I don't think it's too big of an inconvenience for users.  Rather 
> than modify the gem command to move things around, I would suggest we 
> include a piece of code in install.rb that migrates everything during 
> installation.
> So, I guess this gets a +1 from me for consistency (though, I have to 
> admit to not being very detail-oriented, so it doesn't bother me much). ;)
> Anyone else have an opinion before it's changed?

I'm with Gavin -- I like a well-organized directory structure. (It's one 
of the things about Gentoo's portage system that really bugs me--the 
portage directory contains a mix of category directories and metadata 

+1 from me. :)

Jamis Buck
jgb3 at email.byu.edu

ruby -h | ruby -e 
'a=[];readlines.join.scan(/-(.)\[e|Kk(\S*)|le.l(..)e|#!(\S*)/) {|r| a << 
r.compact.first };puts "\n>#{a.join(%q/ /)}<\n\n"'

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