[Rubygems-developers] where to stash non-library files

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Wed Mar 17 18:52:22 EST 2004

On Mar 17, 2004, at 5:59 PM, Jamis Buck wrote:

> Chad Fowler wrote:
>> What are your opinions, everyone?  I'm going to put the testing thing 
>> on the top of my TODO list.
> Yay!  Do it! Do it! :)
> I just "learned" Test::Unit last week, and put together a small test 
> suite for Copland using it.  I think it would be neat to have the unit 
> testing integrated with the gem install.  It would certainly encourage 
> developers to create unit tests.


> I know ruby-talk has had some discussion of installing binary 
> libraries, or compiling them from source, via gems. Do you have any 
> ideas about how you are going to accomplish this, or is it still 
> pretty much up in the air?

Rich and I have been chatting about it over the past few days.  I think 
he's going to whip up a  prototype based on our discussions.


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