[Rubygems-developers] Native Windows RubyGems Installer

Curt Hibbs curt at curthibbs.us
Mon Mar 15 10:10:38 EST 2004

Hi guys -- I just joined the RubyGems project!

I want to create a native windows installer for rubygems. I also want to
embed rubygems support within the ruby system installed by the one-click
ruby installer for windows (I recently became a developer on that project,
as well).

I won't be starting on this right away, as I first need to get the ruby
installer tasks that I signed up for under control, but I would anticipate
starting in a few weeks.

I really glad you guys took the initiative to finally get RubyGems off the


PS to Rich,

   Despite Laurent's comments, I still think it would be a major advantage
to rework FreeBASE to use RubyGems.

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