[Rubygems-developers] Is there a "verbose" mode for source gem builds?

Lyle Johnson lyle.johnson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 07:04:26 EDT 2004

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 02:26:59 -0400, Jim Weirich <jim at weirichhouse.org> wrote:

> I'm confused (that's really easy these days).  Do you want output during
> the building of the gem, or the installing of the gem when the source
> code gets compiled on the installation machine?  I'm guessing its the later.

Yes, sorry, it's the latter. When it's actually building the gem (i.e.
the step that the packager would do for a release) it is plenty noisy.
;) But when I play the part of the end-user and want to install the
gem, I type "ruby fxruby-1.2.0.gem" and then things go silent for a
long, long time while it quietly compiles.

Now, as it turns out, someone else (Jamis?) pointed out that it does
in fact dump the compiler output into a gem_make.out file, down in the
gems installation directory, so I think that's good enough.
Nevertheless, I did get a little uneasy since it didn't give me any
kind of "status" message like, "OK, chief, I'm compiling the code

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