[Rubygems-developers] A case where --install-stub is insufficient

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Sun Jun 20 04:29:19 EDT 2004

I'm preparing 'extensions' for a gem release, which has been on the
backburner for ages.

One problem is that the library stub installation is insufficient for
this task.  That's because there is no autorequire file.  The
traditional usage for this library is:

  require 'extensions/string'
  require 'extensions/class'
  # etc.

  # Or, if you want all of them:
  require 'extensions/all'

There is no suitable autorequire file.  In my own use, I generally
just load 'extensions/all', but that's not a polite default, because
it will pepper extra methods throughout several of Ruby's built-in

The upshot of this is that if you install 'extensions' as a gem, you
can only use it as a gem.  "require 'extensions/string'" won't work
because there's no 'extensions/string' in site_ruby.

That doesn't bother me for my own use.  Just wondering if anyone has
any comments.


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