[Rubygems-developers] CVS unlock...but with caveats (LONG)

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Wed Jun 16 10:25:36 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 6:52:04 AM, Richard wrote:

> All,

> OK...here are the results of my longish lock on CVS.  First, I apologize for
> the amount of time it took to do this.

No problem; good things take time.  Thanks for working on this.  It
seems like a good step forward.

> Anyway, what is needed now is lots of tests using the hooks I just
> mentioned.  That, and please study the command options, text, etc and
> make sure folks like them.

I'll definitely take a close look over the next couple of days.

> Also, I don't have a few things working yet, and I
> know how to, just have not done them yet.  One is the config file stuff.  A
> question is whether we want to have a config line per command like:

> install: "--test --gen-rdoc"

> Or just the gem: 'options' line.  I would think the former would be more
> powerful.

It does seem like the former would be better.  Are there any global
options, as in

  gem --some-option command

?  That would give impetus to the 'gem' config option.  Anyway, I'll
have a better idea after examining the state of play.


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