[Rubygems-developers] update-dist request from rubytalk

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Tue Jun 8 02:29:04 EDT 2004

>> Please let me know if you're *not* going to be able to get to this.  I
>> am going out of town tomorrow and would like to do the small 0.6.0
>> release before leaving--mostly so that D.H.H can (hopefully) release
>> Instiki as a gem.
>> I'll fix this if you can't get to it.
> OK, doing it now.  There seems to be a pretty bad bug at the moment.  It
> seems that any remote install I attempt, I get this:
>   $ gem -Ri RedCloth
>   Attempting remote installation of 'RedCloth'
>   undefined method `satisfied_by?' for nil:NilClass
> That's with the latest CVS.  Can anyone confirm?  I'm going to fix it
> anyway...

Both errors fixed, and operation changed to --upgrade-all.  I'm now
working on a couple of other small things, but you can release when you're
ready, so long as it's after 2004-06-08 21:00 GMT+1000.


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