[Rubygems-developers] Should I include RubyGems in the next Ruby Installer for Windows

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Tue Jul 20 16:30:30 EDT 2004

As soon as Mats releases 1.8.2, I'm going to be releasing a updated version
of the Ruby Installer for Windows. I would like to include RubyGems
pre-installed in this upcoming release, but I have a couple questions:

1) Is RubyGems ready for this? For example, is the gem format stable enough?

2) Since the windows installer essentially copies a predefined directory
tree somewhere on the user's machine, are there any other things that I need
to do ensure that RubyGems is properly installed? Set any environment vars?
Run a config script? Create a config file?

The download stats for the Ruby Installer show a increasing interest in Ruby
on Windows, so I think it would be a big advantage to get a pre-installed
RubyGems on every Windows desktop.


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