[Rubygems-developers] Old format now supported in CVS...etc

Richard Kilmer rich at infoether.com
Wed Jul 14 22:51:20 EDT 2004


We now support the old and new format gems.  This is accomplished in the
Gem::Format file's method: from_file_by_path which first reads 20 bytes from
the file and checks to see if it includes "MD5SUM =" and if so, (requires
'old_foramt.rb') then delegates to to Gem::OldFormat.

There is a warning message in there to display that its an old gem format,
but its commented out.  If you think we should comment that back in, let me

Also, there was a problem with passing additional params (using --) to
source gems (and extconf.rb).  This is fixed by subselecting that part of
ARGV before the -- if present instead of just passing ARGV.


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