[Rubygems-developers] gem format

Richard Kilmer rich at infoether.com
Thu Jul 8 21:03:41 EDT 2004

Yeah... 0.7.0 ... And the release needs to document the requirement of folks
to update their gemspec files to do the:

require 'rubygems'

Otherwise they will not build with this version...that and the TON of new
command line capabilities (thanks largely to you!!!).  Very great stuff.
This should be a solid cmd line UI for now...maybe 1.0 material.  Once the
format changes over and a few last things are added we can march right onto
1.0 I think...


On 7/8/04 8:57 PM, "Jim Weirich" <jim at weirichhouse.org> wrote:

> Chad Fowler wrote:
>>> (6) Speaking of which ... when are we releasing the next version?
>> I'm happy to release any time.  You and Rich have done most of the
>> changes on this one.  How do you feel about it now?  Perhaps one of you
>> would like to package it up and announce?
> I'm comfortable with releasing.  Gavin, were there more changes that you
> intended?
> I'll have some free time tomorrow to do this.  What are we calling this
> release, 0.7.0?

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