[Rubygems-developers] Issue with "bin" files...

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Wed Jul 7 10:09:18 EDT 2004

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Austin Ziegler wrote:

# That RubyGems creates "bin" stubs is great. It does present some problems, though, aside from the fact that it appears to break the version-per-directory concept. With Diff::LCS, I was having some problems with the "ldiff" program. There were two problems:
# 1) The released 0.6.1 does not work for creating usable binfiles. The CVS HEAD does. Please release something else that fixes this :)

Just to make sure I understand you, are you saying that the CVS HEAD works
for you (at least better than 0.6.1)?  Hopefully we can get a new release
together some time soon.

# 2) I had a "run-guard" around the code:
# if __FILE__ == $0
#   exit Diff::diffprog(...)
# end
# Since the stub simply "load"s the "ldiff" file, this condition will NEVER be true. The trick is that I had a binfile that was basically able to be put in $prefix/bin without a stub (I actually further modified the binfile so that it was properly RubyGems ready); I need a way to specify in the gemspec that I have a valid binfile that does not need a stub.

Ug.  I've had in the back of my mind for some time the desire to allow the
bin stubs to accept a rubygems-version argument of some kind to actually
pick a version that the user wants to run.  I haven't implemented it,
because I'm not sure I like the idea of adding an argument to someone
else's program, and because it's possible to just run the bin files
directly.  Clearly, something needs to be done to address your problem,
but I'm not sure what the best solution is yet.

Any thoughts from anyone else?


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