[Rubygems-developers] Issue with "bin" files...

Austin Ziegler austin at halostatue.ca
Tue Jul 6 22:51:10 EDT 2004

That RubyGems creates "bin" stubs is great. It does present some problems, though, aside from the fact that it appears to break the version-per-directory concept. With Diff::LCS, I was having some problems with the "ldiff" program. There were two problems:

1) The released 0.6.1 does not work for creating usable binfiles. The CVS HEAD does. Please release something else that fixes this :)

2) I had a "run-guard" around the code:

if __FILE__ == $0
  exit Diff::diffprog(...)

Since the stub simply "load"s the "ldiff" file, this condition will NEVER be true. The trick is that I had a binfile that was basically able to be put in $prefix/bin without a stub (I actually further modified the binfile so that it was properly RubyGems ready); I need a way to specify in the gemspec that I have a valid binfile that does not need a stub.

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