[Rubygems-developers] My weekend work

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Sun Jul 4 09:59:52 EDT 2004

Hi folks,

Here's the changes I've made, in line with my message to the list
("Suggestions regarding the new CLI") on 20 June.

* Improved (subjective, of course) the general 'help' message.

* Improved the output of 'gem help COMMAND'.

* Explicitly handle 'gem -h/--help' and 'gem -v/--version'.

* No longer allow 'gem --commands' and 'gem --examples'. [1]

* Consolidated boolean commands with their negatives, e.g. --test and
  --no-test become --[no-]test.

* Refactored the options that 'install' and 'update' have in common.

* Renamed --gen-rdoc to --rdoc.

* Made 'list' and 'search' full-blooded commands. [2]

* Fixed typo in 'gem help uninstall'.

* Updated the examples to match my changes.

[1] I kind of like these commands, but dislike the proliferation of
    ways of accessing help.  Comments sought.

[2] e.g. 'gem list d' for all gems beginning with 'd', and
    'gems search log' for all gem names containing 'log'.

NOTE!  One unit test is failing because of my changes.  I don't know
how to change that test appropriately.

The problem is this: the test case expects a specific error to be
raised when a bad argument is given (--bad-arg), but I've used
'alert_error' instead of raising something explicitly.  If the
Wimbledon men's final weren't on, I'd take a closer look.

OK, I'll update the Wiki documentation -- hopefully tomorrow.


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