[Rubygems-developers] Duplicated files in gem

Jamis Buck jgb3 at email.byu.edu
Fri Jul 2 00:23:06 EDT 2004

Jim Weirich wrote:
> Jamis Buck wrote:
>> It seems like this could be fixed by calling #uniq! on the @files 
>> array in the Gem::Specification#extra_rdoc_files=(extra_rdoc_files) 
>> method:
> I put the uniq! call into a normalization step called during validation. 
>  That allows it to take care of files that are appended to either list 
> later.
> Thanks for spotting this!  It is fixed in CVS.

Excellent! That should significantly reduce the filesize of my 
sqlite-ruby gem. :) I'm looking forward to the next release. The issues 
with absolute file paths in 0.6 is giving me some grief.

Jamis Buck
jgb3 at email.byu.edu

ruby -ropenssl 

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