[Rubygems-developers] More work done

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Thu Jul 1 10:45:22 EDT 2004

I've done the following ...

* Fixed a bug in the installer that falsely triggered the gem repository
upgrade (see Ara Howard's message in ruby-talk).
* Commands are now case insensitive.
* Changed the name of info to specification.  The info caused the install
command to require 3 characters to be unambiguous.  Now the truely lazy
can type:

   gem i rake

-- Jim Weirich     jim at weirichhouse.org    http://onestepback.org
"Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
not tried it." -- Donald Knuth (in a memo to Peter van Emde Boas)

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