[Rubygems-developers] Wiki Spam -- GRRRRRR!

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Thu Dec 30 10:54:07 EST 2004

I thought that your usemod patch had been installed on the RubyGems wiki
(the one that requires HTTP instead of http for external links). Am I wrong
about this?

Since I had Tom Copeland install this one my 4 RubyForge project wikis, I
have had zero problems with spam (I guess I should go check to make sure
this is still true).

Of course, this is just a temporary fix. But very-soon-now, RuWiki should be
ready for use on RubyForge, and we should all move our wiki's to that since
it will require a RubyForge login to modify pages.


Jim Weirich wrote:
> Twenty minutes ago I discovered 30 pages of Wiki spam on the
> RubyGems wiki
> pages.  I just got done cleaning this up.  This is the third time
> this week.
> Shoot, they even spammed us on Christmas day.  Grrrrrrrrr
> We have lost content on the wiki from excessive spam.  It is costing us
> developer time.  And it is doing serious damage to my mental health.
> Something has got to be done.  We are rather limited in what we
> can do with
> the RubyForge wikis.  It is an old version of UseMod without RSS, and no
> access to the Ban lists. And the RubyForge conversion to RuWiki
> is still a
> ways off (heavens, Ruwiki doesn't even support viewing history
> yet... that
> would make spam 10 times more annoying than it is now).
> Here are some ideas.
> (1) Move the wiki off of RubyForge and setup a tarpit like the one on
> RubyGarden.
> (2) Make the RubyForge a shadow wiki.  The real wiki exists
> elsewhere in a
> secret location and we automatically update the public shadow
> wiki from the
> real, but hidden, one.
> (3) Abandon the wiki for documentation purposes.  Convert the
> existing docs
> RDOC, or Textile or Markdown and generate static web pages.  If
> we need user
> feedback, put it one small wiki somewhere else.
> (4) Give up and start coding in Python.
> (OK, I'm not serious about the last one).
> If someone else has some more ideas, I'd love to hear them.
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