[Rubygems-developers] RubyGem Issues

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Mon Dec 20 21:55:39 EST 2004

Hi Assaph!

On 20-Dec-04, at 7:39 AM, Assaph Mehr wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Two issues:
> 1. Something I recieved re installing Pimki as a gem. As far as I can
> tell it's not a Pimki issue as I can install it fine. It maybe a gem
> under linux issue. This is the complete info I recieved from the user:
> -----------------------------------------
> gem install pimki
> Attempting local installation of 'pimki'
> Local gem file not found: pimki*.gem
> Attempting remote installation of 'pimki'
> Updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org
> /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/yaml.rb:39: [BUG] rb_gc_mark(): unknown data
> type 0x10(0xb7f79840) non object
> ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i686-linux]
> Aborted
> -----------------------------------------

I believe this is a known issue with the release of Ruby the user is 
using, though I've heard of similar (though possibly not fully related) 
symptoms in more recent releases.  It seems to be syck-related.

> 2. 'require_gem' in 0.8.3 seem to have lost the capacity to receive a
> single parameter. In 0.8.1 I was able to write both:
>   require_gem 'redcloth', '< 3.0.0'
>   require_gem 'bluecloth'
> In 0.8.3, the second line bombs. Was the behaviour changed 
> intentionally?
> (ruby 1.8.2-pr3, gems 0.8.3, WinXP).

Really?  What is the error message?  Could it be a problem with case 
sensitivity?  The BlueCloth gem is called "BlueCloth"--not "bluecloth". 
  Might that be the problem?


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