[Rubygems-developers] Remote Installer Progress

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Sat Dec 4 08:31:45 EST 2004

On 03-Dec-04, at 12:02 PM, Jim Weirich wrote:

> Austin Ziegler said:
>>> I've tested (2) on windows XP and linux (Debian), but would like to 
>>> hear
>>> feedback from a few other platforms as well.
>> How quickly will this next release be coming? [...]
> I'm planning on a point release this weekend unless someone objects
> strongly.  There are a couple of things that probably won't make it be
> then (e.g. remote dependecy cleanup), but I don't think those should 
> stop
> a point release.

I agree.

>> Also, Mauricio was experiencing an apparent YAML/Syck error when
>> trying to reproduce on his Linux box with an 11/26 build of Ruby, so
>> there may be some issues that need to be dealt with there.
> I was having great problems with the YAML supplied by the gem servers.
> The current code base arbitrarily cuts down the size of the YAML stuff,
> but that's just a workaround for a deeper problem.  But, I haven't been
> able to isolate the problem in an easy to reproduce form yet.  If 
> someone
> can do this, we really need to feed the problem to Why (if indeed it 
> is a
> YAML/SYCK problem).

I tried to reproduce it myself and couldn't.  I think it happened once 
for me.  I tried setting up some stress programs to force the situation 
but never could.

Thanks for all of your recent work!

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