[Rubygems-developers] Remote Installer Progress

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Fri Dec 3 12:02:43 EST 2004

Austin Ziegler said:
>> I've tested (2) on windows XP and linux (Debian), but would like to hear
>> feedback from a few other platforms as well.
> How quickly will this next release be coming? [...]

I'm planning on a point release this weekend unless someone objects
strongly.  There are a couple of things that probably won't make it be
then (e.g. remote dependecy cleanup), but I don't think those should stop
a point release.

> Also, Mauricio was experiencing an apparent YAML/Syck error when
> trying to reproduce on his Linux box with an 11/26 build of Ruby, so
> there may be some issues that need to be dealt with there.

I was having great problems with the YAML supplied by the gem servers. 
The current code base arbitrarily cuts down the size of the YAML stuff,
but that's just a workaround for a deeper problem.  But, I haven't been
able to isolate the problem in an easy to reproduce form yet.  If someone
can do this, we really need to feed the problem to Why (if indeed it is a
YAML/SYCK problem).

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"Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
not tried it." -- Donald Knuth (in a memo to Peter van Emde Boas)

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