[Rubygems-developers] uberRequire hack in place

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Sat Aug 28 23:55:21 EDT 2004

Richard Kilmer wrote:
> Ok...i checked in all this stuff per chad.  It should still work with
> existing stub files, but from now out, stubs are not needed.  The
> issue here
> remains the RUBYOPT thing...having to have rubygems working in order for
> everything to work.  I did add that clever thing that was brought
> up ever so
> far back that creates an ubygems.rb file in the lib dir...so you can tell
> folks they need to do:
> set RUBYOPT="rubygems"
> Which is nicer than 'rrubygems'.  Now, on the win32 installer, if we are
> bundled, we can have that installer create the RUBYOPT env variable.

No problem.. whatever the installer needs to do, will be done.

> We
> could have the rubygems installer let folks know that they need
> to set this
> too.  There is likely a win32 api for setting and ENV variable...we could
> use that in the install.rb file if folks use the install.rb file...

If its Windows 98 or earlier, you have to modify c:\autoexec.bat and add the
set command. If its windows NT or later, you have create the registry entry:



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