[Rubygems-developers] Testing RubyGems, and library stubs

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Sun Aug 22 11:17:08 EDT 2004


I've downloaded the complete gems repository and installed them all
via a script.  It ran pretty well, and I just have to confirm, but I
think that the only failures occured while building extensions (due to
absent dependencies, etc.).

I've implemented the 'library stub' feature.  So

  spec.library_stubs = FileList['lib/rake/{rdoc,test}task.rb']
  spec.auto_require = 'rake'

will cause the following stubs to be created (in site_ruby/1.x) when
the gem is installed:

  rake.rb                       -- because it's the auto_require
  rake/rdoctask.rb              -- because it's a 'library_stub'
  rake/testtask.rb              -- ditto

Problem is, it doesn't yet work, so I'm not committing it.  It will be
done tomorrow.


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