[Rubygems-developers] Hello, and how do I tell rubygems to pass params to a build?

Brian Wisti brianwisti at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 16 02:19:57 EDT 2004

--- Gavin Sinclair <gsinclair at soyabean.com.au> wrote:
[ snip ]
> > Hi Brian.  Sorry for the delay in response.  To do
> this, you just pass a
> > "--" followed by the extconf options you want:
> > gem install fxruby --
> --with-fox-lib=/home/wist...etc.
> Not being a typical builder of C-based gems, but
> always being
> interested in improving the interface, I must ask,
> Brian: is this
> intuitive, and can you imagine (and express) a
> Better Way?
> Cheers,
> Gavin

Well, I'm not sure if it's exactly intuitive. But what
would be, for C-based gems? I think what you've got is
good enough for now, and follows a convention used by
a lot of applications. 

How is this sort of thing handled with Perl and CPAN?
It might provide some approaches for handling this
sort of thing.

Kind Regards,

Brian Wisti

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