[Rubygems-developers] Misc Test Errors Fixed -- One odd error remaining

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Mon Aug 9 08:10:36 EDT 2004

I've corrected several errors in the unit tests that have been failing 
for over a week and committed the changes.  The errors mostly dealt with 
differences between the old format and the new format.

However, there is one problem still remaining.  On my desktop, all the 
unit tests run cleanly with no errors.  On my laptop, I get this error:

   1) Failure:
     [./test/test_package.rb:540:in `test_extract_entry_works'
      ./test/test_package.rb:529:in `each_with_index'
      ./test/test_package.rb:529:in `each_entry'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:432:in `loop'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:454:in `each_entry'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:417:in `each'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:515:in `each'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:514:in `new'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:514:in `each'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:510:in `each_entry'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:432:in `loop'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:454:in `each_entry'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:417:in `each'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:510:in `each'
      ./test/test_package.rb:529:in `each_with_index'
      ./test/test_package.rb:529:in `test_extract_entry_works'
      ./test/test_package.rb:526:in `open_from_io'
      ./lib/rubygems/package.rb:496:in `open'
      ./test/test_package.rb:526:in `test_extract_entry_works']:
<16768> expected but was

108 tests, 674 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors
rake aborted!
Command Failed: [ruby -Ilib -rscripts/runtest -e 
'run_tests("test/test*.rb", true)']

Both systems are running Debian Linux.  The actual failure occurs in an 
assert that is not run on a windows box which leads me to believe that 
the results are system dependent.  But both of my systems are Debian 
linux.  Since this occurs in the bowls of the new tar/gzip code, I'm 
hoping someone with more knowledge about that area can take a look.  If 
you can't reproduce the problem, feel free to ask me to try anything.

-- Jim Weirich    jim at weirichhouse.org     http://onestepback.org
"Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
not tried it." -- Donald Knuth (in a memo to Peter van Emde Boas)

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