[Rubygems-developers] Overhaul of specification.rb

Mehr, Assaph (Assaph) assaph at avaya.com
Wed Aug 4 20:37:25 EDT 2004

> I'm not.  Rich and I started on it last week but got totally side 
> tracked.

Attached is a patch file (vs the old specification.rb).
I will take a look tonight at merging it to the new format.

> I agree.  Let's see what you've got.

VERY alpha quality :)
There's a rakefile which does the following:
* Creates the test gem from the test files (see test.gemspec)
* Installs the test gem
* Runs the app-installer of the installed gem.

Major things on the todo list:
* UI (i.e. som way to control this :)
* Uninstall
* NSIS, Linux etc.

Let me know what you think (you can be brutal :)

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