[Rubygems-developers] Overhaul of specification.rb

Mehr, Assaph (Assaph) assaph at avaya.com
Wed Aug 4 01:05:53 EDT 2004

> I've done a lot of work on specification.rb.  The motivation was to
> organise the code a bit better, and give special treatment to all
> attributes to prevent repitition.  I wanted to add 'library_stubs' and
> 'test_files' attributes, and deprecate 'test_suite_file', but also to
> that the overall code was written and tested well.

Any chance you will also add a metadata property? The changes I made
were to an earlier (and very different) version. I would like to know if
you're about to add it before I redo them... :)

Now for something a bit off-topic:
I am progressing nicely with the appgem-installer: I have the Win32
implementation ready. It doesn't have a user interface ATM, just the
worker class.

Question is, should it be submitted as part of rubygems, or should I
make it as an independent project? I believe it's best a part of the
rubygems library, especially if you're planning on a GUI interface. I'm
not saying this just because I'm lazy, but I believe this is one less
dependency to worry about. This way we can later build the user
interface as part of the API presented to gem builders.

What do you think?


Ps. One more note: For some very weird reason (blame microsoft), in the
installer.rb when creating the windows .cmd file. Last line is:
	load '#{filename}'
But should be:
	load '#{filename}'

The former works, but if you create a file-type association and activate
the file (from the command-line ro by double clicking) it doesn't.
I.e. if I associate the file-extention .aaa with my rubyapp.cmd, it will
only work if the corresponding rubyapp script loads the gem as: load
Go figure.

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