[Rubygems-developers] I can see through my proxy!

George Marrows george.marrows at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 20 21:15:51 EDT 2004

Gavin Sinclair wrote:

>>>  3. Can we have --http-proxy and --no-http-proxy if we want
>>>     to temporarily disable proxy access?  (i.e. neither option
>>>     takes an argument.)
>>Something like this might be nice, though you could just null out the
>>environment variable (if you're using one), and the absence of
>>--http-proxy would disable proxy access.
>Nulling out env vars, in general, is not "nice", I'm sure you agree.  A
>while ago, you mentioned wanting to be able to disable proxy access for
>testing.  Also, I work in proxied and non-proxied environments.  I might
>use --no-http-proxy in the latter so I can just keep the variable set.
Glad to hear that someone else has proxy support working!

More to the point ... as well as paying attention to HTTP_PROXY, 
open-uri also honours the NO_PROXY environment variable. So even if you 
have HTTP_PROXY set, you can cause rubygems to not use it by setting 
NO_PROXY to gems.rubyforge.org.

-- George

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