[Rubygems-developers] I can see through my proxy!

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Tue Apr 13 22:47:51 EDT 2004

>> Now, my related questions:
>>   1. What does the --http-proxy option do?
> You can actually specify your proxy here instead of using the
> environment variable.

Got it.  And it takes precedence, right?

>>   2. It seems superfluous to me; can we get rid of it?
> It's like having CVSROOT and cvs -d to me.  It doesn't seem superfluous.


>>   3. Can we have --http-proxy and --no-http-proxy if we want
>>      to temporarily disable proxy access?  (i.e. neither option
>>      takes an argument.)

> Something like this might be nice, though you could just null out the
> environment variable (if you're using one), and the absence of
> --http-proxy would disable proxy access.

Nulling out env vars, in general, is not "nice", I'm sure you agree.  A
while ago, you mentioned wanting to be able to disable proxy access for
testing.  Also, I work in proxied and non-proxied environments.  I might
use --no-http-proxy in the latter so I can just keep the variable set.

>>   4. Perhaps allowing an *optional* argument, e.g.
>>        --http-proxy 'http://www-cache:8000'
>>      is good, but I really can't see why you'd want it.

> I prefer not to muck around with environment variables most of the
> time.  When given a command line option vs. an environment variable, I
> almost always use the command line version.  I can't really defend it,
> but I'm at least one user who wants it. :)

OK, I'll submit a patch tonight (my time) that allows the following:

  --http-proxy PROXY     # Overrides environment variables
  --http-proxy           # Uses environment variables
  --no-http-proxy        # Disables proxy access

The second one seems useless at first glance, because you can just leave
it out and the variable will be honoured.  However, it is useful to
override a --no-http-proxy option (for instance, in the config file).

Any objections?

>> # And I really wish 'rdict' was available as a gem...

> That's probably easily solved. :)

I sent an email to the author already, offering help.


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