[Rubygems-developers] I can see through my proxy!

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Tue Apr 13 17:34:41 EDT 2004

Hi chaps,

I'm at work behind a proxy server.  I'm very pleased to report that the
following commands do what I expect:

  export HTTP_PROXY="http://www-cache:8000"
  gem -Rl

Now, my related questions:

  1. What does the --http-proxy option do?

  2. It seems superfluous to me; can we get rid of it?

  3. Can we have --http-proxy and --no-http-proxy if we want
     to temporarily disable proxy access?  (i.e. neither option
     takes an argument.)

  4. Perhaps allowing an *optional* argument, e.g.
       --http-proxy 'http://www-cache:8000'
     is good, but I really can't see why you'd want it.

I realise the above are a jumbled mish-mash of contradictions; hopefully
some clarity can emerge.

# And I really wish 'rdict' was available as a gem...


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