[Rubygems-developers] Wiki CSS

why the lucky stiff rubygems-dev at whytheluckystiff.net
Mon Apr 12 21:17:13 EDT 2004

Gavin Sinclair wrote:
> Anyway, hope you like it (and hope it, or something like it, gets used :)

Yeah, some left and right margin would really give some breathing room 
and force you to cut down some text.  Some lines of code + comments are 
too long anyway and really could be trimmed.

So, here's a few changes I made to the css file that made it all the 
more pleasant:

1) on BODY:
    margin: 0 50;

2) on H2, H3, H4, P: (line em up)
    margin-left: 1.5em;

3) on PRE: (lt. green makes for fuzzy bounds, let's box it?)
    border: solid 1px coral;

4) on H1: (white looks kinda nice as well)
    color: white;

Totally optional comments, just made it all look a lot friendlier and 
spacious.  Which is what you can really use for the length of these pages.


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