[Rubygems-developers] Versioning policy input

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Mon Apr 5 23:28:07 EDT 2004

Thanks, for the input Eivind.

On 5/4/2004, at 9:14 AM, Eivind Eklund wrote:
> Proposal:
>     Add a separate field "APIVersion" with a version number to the GEM 
> spec,
>     which specifies API revisioning, and is rigidly formed for that 
> purpose.

If I were to be in favor of a separate APIVersion field, I would pick 
format A.  I'm still not sure, though.  Tomorrow I'm traveling again, 
so hopefully you all will sort this out before I get back. :)

> Proposed version format A:
>     Single version number X, which is an integer.  The integer is
>     increased whenever there are incompatible library changes (both
>     extensions and direct changes).
>     This is based on the ELF versioning system we presently use in
>     FreeBSD.  It is the minimal versioning necessary to be able to make
>     things work.  We switched to this at least partially because the
>     system below was deemed to complex.  The complexity had led to two
>     problems:
>     (1) It was more work to implement (I think the single major version
>         is the standard for ELF, too)
>     (2) People had problems understanding the below scheme, and it
>         was easier to explain the simple version scheme.

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