[Rubygems-developers] Functional testing

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Mon Apr 5 06:52:26 EDT 2004

On 5/4/2004, at 12:41 AM, Jim Weirich wrote:

> Chad Fowler said:
>> On 4/4/2004, at 12:42 PM, Chad Fowler wrote:
>>> I made a start at functional testing (only a couple of assertions, 
>>> but
>>> the "framework" is there).  I'm using Ara Howard's Session module
>>> (created a gem out of it and dropped it in "redist").  I'm not sure
>>> yet if it works on Windows.  Comments are welcome before I get too 
>>> far
>>> down this path.
> I've added the handfull of functional tests I've been working on.  I 
> also
> refactored functional.rb a bit.  Look and see if you approve.

Yes, much better!

> The functional tests may be invoked by "rake functional" (or "rake ft" 
> if
> you are a lazy typer like me).
> Also, I still see two failing unit tests.  One of the unit tests is
> throwing a GemNotFoundException.  For some reason, this kills the unit
> test framework, so I changed the GEM exceptions to inherit from
> RuntimeError instead of Exception.  This allowed Test::Unit to run to
> completion.

One of the unit tests is obviously failing because I made it fail (as a 
note to (my|our)sel(f|elves)).  If someone (like me) doesn't fix the 
problem soon, I'll take it out. :)

Otherwise, the old remote installer tests are obsolete and we need new 
ones.  I've left it failing, because it really is broken.  Same 
probably goes for this one that I said about the last one.   If we 
don't fix it soon, we should probably remove the failures.

Do you think we should include a target for running all of the tests 
(functional + unit)?


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